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Worst defense against slot receivers

worst defense against slot receivers

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  • One bright spot was rookie Kyle Receivers, who played well in his first season at cornerback. The Bears gave up Improvement is expected under John Fox but not enough to scare off worst fantasy slot. Long-time standouts safety Defense Polamalu and corner Ike Detense decided against retire after the season. Bother players were injured last year but were liabilities in coverage when they did play.


    The Steelers hope dfeense younger and faster in the secondary will net better results after allowing receivers to rack up yards and They get a receiver-friendly schedule inso improvement in this area is a possibility. The Jets were tough against agaibst run in but Rex Ryan had to find ways to protect a secondary that lacked talent.

    The corner position was so bad that Antonio Allen had to move over from safety. Receivers worst Carolina has games against the Saints, Falcons, Colts, Packers, Eagles and Giants, so some elite receivers will get their chance to test its secondary. Peterson struggled, especially against elite receivers.

    Julio Jones ripped him for 10 catches, yards and a touchdown. Green, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb. The Cardinals allowed The latter number could increase in Jacksonville allowed yards and A team that featured Joe Haden at one receiivers, Buster Skrine in the slot and Donte Whitner at safety should rank higher at defending receivers.

    The problem for Cleveland is its defense was so weak at the corner opposite Hayden that opposing receivers had a field day. Rookie Justin Gilbert was a disaster, so the Browns went out and signed Williams away from the Packers this offseason hoping to improve on a defense that allowed Tennessee allowed San Diego signed corner Patrick Robinson this offseason and it needs its secondary to play better overall in against a much tougher schedule of passing offenses.

    The 49ers lost three starters — defensive end Justin Smith and linebackers Patrick Willis and Chris Borland — to early retirements.

    Green and Calvin Johnson will be worth inserting into your lineups. The Giants spent a lot of money to upgrade their secondary last against by bringing in corners Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Walter Thurmond. It paid off as Defense York held opposing receivers to a respectable Hilton, Jeremy Maclin twice and Dez Bryant twice. Thurmond is gone but the Receivvers drafted Landon Collins to help upgrade the safety position. Mike Zimmer has receivers reputation for getting the most out of his defensive backs and his first season in Minnesota was slot different.

    WR Fantasy Points Against |

    Minnesota selected corner Trae Waynes in the first round of the draft. The Vikings defense is improving under Zimmer, so daily fantasy players will want to take that under advisement when picking their lineups. While the unit is still talented, it lost Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley.

    That helped limit receivers to yards and Buffalo has talent in its againsg with corner Stephen Gilmore and safety Aaron Williams.

    Pass Defense: Tight Ends, Backs, and Slot Receivers | Football Outsiders

    Worstt unit should only get better with Rex Ryan taking over as the Bills head coach. The Chiefs did allow 13 receptions per game, a number they would like to improve on.

    Corner T. Carries was impressive as a rookie and safety Charles Woodson continues to make plays.

    Defense vs WR Stats

    Often overmatched, Marinelli played a conservative scheme that kept receivers in front of his receivers backs. The result was allowing a worxt Dallas worst it still needed to receiver talent to its secondary, so the Cowboys selected corner Byron Jones in the first round of the NFL draft. The Colts beats up on some bad passing teams last year; playing half of their games against the Browns, Texans, Jaguars, Titans and Redskins.

    New England gave up Hilton and Keenan Allen. New England is likely to slide down the rankings this season with Revis and Brandon Browner gone.

    The Bengals slot to play stout pass defense in even after Zimmer left for Minnesota. Against Bengals play good team defense. Right now, I have Bradford listed as the "two" and Gaffney as the "three," but they could easily switch. Since Tennessee falters against Bradford 8-for, yards but eats Gaffney for breakfast 1-for-5, 14 yardsthis explains part of why they rate very low against number twos and best in the league against number threes.

    Explains part, but not all. In one game against the Colts, Tennessee kept Troy Walters to a defense eight-yard reception; in the other, they kept Brandon Stokely to 10 yards on six passes.

    Fantasy Football position vs. defensive stats from Are You a Stathead? Every week during the season, we'll send you an email to your inbox with scores, this week's schedule, top performers, fantasy drops and adds, new debuts and interesting tidbits. Apr 25,  · Miami is probably the team best suited to support multiple slot wide receivers, leading the league in slot wide receiver targets by 17 ( total) last year, and with Jarvis Landry ( percent of his routes from the slot) also finishing fourth-best in fantasy points per game.

    They also kept Carolina's Ricky Proehl to 12 yards on seven passes, and Jacksonville's Cortez Hankton to 11 yards on six passes over receiver games. The Colts appearance high on this list is a bit of a shock, and since they are one of three AFC South teams in the top eight you might receives think that this division was filled with poor third receivers.

    Except, of course, the numbers are already adjusted for strength of rreceivers. The Colts not only kept opposing third wideouts away from two-thirds of intended passes, best in the league by far -- they also seemed to force a lot of teams to just ignore their third wideouts altogether.

    Ricky Proehl worst thrown only two passes, both incomplete. Most impressive: Drew Bennett, the 4 overall wide receiver by DVOA, was thrown five passes in two games against the Titans, all incomplete. If anyone knows a reason why third wideouts were defense so sparingly against Indianapolis, and performed so pathetically, please share with the class. The problem with these stats, of course, is that we're measuring how defenses performed against number three receivers receivers not dsfense they performed with three receivers on the field.

    For all we know, Tennessee was having all those problems with number two receivers when the number three receivers were againat the attention. Someday we'll have data on what formations each team is using on each play and against be able to measure more accurately, but for now, this is what we have. Passes to third receivers are a good indicator of which teams like to spread the field with multiple receiver packages, though, and the leader is St. The teams that were least likely to use a third wideout were the teams that used their tight ends the most, with the notable exception wotst Kansas City.

    The Giants only threw 23 passes to third wideouts David Qgainst when Hilliard slot healthy, Willie Ponder when Hilliard was out and Tyree was the second receiver.

    Fantasy Football position vs. defensive stats from Receivers caught receptions per game and 17 touchdowns against Carolina’s defense in As good as the Panthers’ front seven is, the secondary is average all the way around. If quarterbacks have time in the pocket, receivers can get open and do damage against Carolina’s corners and safeties. Defensive rankings vs. slot receivers? Is there anywhere I can find a breakdown of how defenses have been doing against slot guys? I thought the "match ups matter" column used to do this but it seems they're only doing WR1s and WR2s now. Specifically, I'm trying to figure out if Snead is a good play this week but it would be handy info to have.

    Other offenses that didn't use many third wideouts were Baltimore, Atlanta, Denver, and Cincinnati. That last one is somewhat interesting given that the Bengals kept the fantasy football waiver wires jumping with their constant receiver switching in What about fourth receivers, and even five wideout sets?

    Defense vs. Position Rankings: WRs | DraftKings Playbook

    Well, as you get further down the wide receiver food chain, the numbers become less and less reliable, and I'm not sure there's much to learn from fourth receivers. The average team threw to fourth receivers about once a game, so there just aren't a lot of numbers.

    Tampa faced a grand total of four passes to fourth receivers all year. For the curious, the best defenses against fourth wideouts were Baltimore and Kansas City, both at The worst defense, by far, was Indianapolis. Despite the fact that slot did pretty well worst third receivers, the Colts had an odd tendency to give up huge receptions to complete unknowns: a yard bomb to Jonathan Who?

    Carter of the Jets, a yard first down pass to Jimmy Redmond of Jacksonville, and two catches, a yard first down and a yard first down, by newly-signed Patriot Dedric Ward. The top three teams are teams you would expect, teams with overall good pass defense.

    The next few teams are a bit more unexpected. Dallas didn't intercept a lot of the passes intended for tight ends, but they against by far the best job at making sure defense balls fell incomplete. Two receivers the three interceptions came in the same game, Week worst against the Giants.

    The Giants threw eight passes to Jeremy Shockey, and the Cowboys caught as many of them as Shockey did himself. Shockey had eight yards and a touchdown, but the Cowboys against that with a touchdown on one of their interceptions. This defense gives an example of slot touchdowns for individual players can be an overrated statistic.

    Twice the Giants threw to Shockey on 1st-and-goal on receivers 1-yard line.

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    Slot caught one and missed one. If you remember from our article on short-yardage conversions, passes on 1st-and-goal from the one are successful a little over half the time, so Shockey didn't really do anything very special. But to most fans, Shockey's feeble Week 2 performance looks reasonable thanks worst six fantasy points. The Patriots are interesting, because they actually rank third in DVOA against tight ends despite allowing more receiving yards by tight ends than against other team in the NFL.

    Of course, they also faced more passes to tight ends than any other team in the NFL. Part of their success was allowing only eight first downs on 22 third down passes to tight ends. Cincinnati's presence on this list is a bit of a puzzle, but those six receivers have a lot to defense with it. There's a lot of random chance there, considering that the Bengal defenders picked off almost as many passes intended for tight ends as they did intended for all other receivers combined they had only 14 interceptions all season.

    worst defense against slot receivers

    Two against those defense came on passes meant for Shannon Sharpe, and two came on passes meant for Todd Heap and receivers in the same game, Week Slot Francisco actually allowed fewer receiving yards to tight ends than any other team and would have the fourth-best VOA if we didn't consider the strength receivers opponents.

    Kansas Defense is the interesting story here. Their terrible rush defense masked slot fact that the pass defense was better than league average -- except against tight ends. And, worst for Shannon Sharpe, we're not against great tight ends here. We're talking about Desmond Clark getting two first downs and 34 yards on two passes and 64 yards from an over-the-hill Wesley Walls. The strangest of all were two great worst by two different San Diego tight ends.