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Dan big brother nomination roulette

dan big brother nomination roulette

Search this site. Big Brother A Covert Affair. Big Brother 6: Cyber Roulette. Big Brother 7: The Limbo. Big Brother 8: Devil's Advocate. Big Brother 9: A New Light. Rouette host is Marco Randyspeepshosting his final season on the forum.
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  • What was the point of Dan's nomination roulette in BB10? : BigBrother
  • Archived from the original on June 15, Reality TV World. February 12, July 12, Big Brother Season Episode 1. July 9, Retrieved May 25, July 14, July 16, Reality Blurred. August 19, ABC News.

    Big Brother Recap: Replacement Nominee Roulette - TV Fanatic

    Associated Press. Archived from the original on July 10, July 13, Archived from the original brpther January 4, September 24, Archived from the original on July 24, Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved November 19, dan Archived from the original on May roulette, July 18, July 15, EDGE Boston. Nomination 17, Archived from the original on August 18, Retrieved April 21, Archived from the original on July 3, Broher 20, July 22, July 23, nomination July 21, July 24, Archived from the original on March 5, July 29, July 30, Dan 28, bjg July 31, August big, August 5, The Veto Competition Gets Michelle steaming mad!

    Roulette 8, Archived big the original brother January 3, August 7, August 8, August 12, September 15, May 20, August 10, Michelle Strikes Brother with her Nominations - on".

    Big Brother 10 (American season) - Wikipedia

    August 11, September 14, August 15, August 14, August 17, August 18, August 22, August 25, August 21, August roulette, May 27, August 26, TV Fanatic. August 27, Archived from the original on September 7, August 29, big August 28, August 31, September 2, September 3, Brother 8, June 23, September 7, September 19, Archived from the original on June 29, September 9, Reality TV Spoilers. Archived nomination the original on January 30, September dan, September 23, September 17, July 25, Parents Television Council.

    August 6, Kay became the first Chen Master. Brett won this competition and took himself off the block. Cody named AJ as the replacement nominee.

    dan big brother nomination roulette

    A plan was set in motion to evict Brianna, and it came to fruition as on Day 11, Brianna was evicted from the house by a vote of Yami won this competition after a heated HOH Duel. He put Jake and Kay up on the block after hearing that they may be alts, along with Hannah, something that was later debunked. Derek won this and left nominations the same. On Day 16, Brett was evicted by a vote of He put Jake and JR on the block.

    A rift erupted in the game when JR became upset due to Derek's gameplay and decisions.

    Big Brother 6: Cyber Roulette - ORG Wiki

    On Day 27, Jennifer won this challenge in a tiebreaker and took herself off of the block. However, Hannah would not be allowed to put up a replacement nominee, as the Chen Master had used "HOH Block" and could name a replacement nominee.

    Big Brother 10 was the tenth season of the American reality television series Big Brother. It is based upon the Dutch series of the same name, which gained notoriety in and The series premiered on CBS on July 13, and lasted ten weeks until the live finale on September 16, The tenth season saw a slight increase in ratings compared to the past seasons of the series, which Original network: CBS. Big Brother 6: Cyber Roulette is the 6th season of's Big Brother. The host is Marco (Randyspeeps), hosting his final season on the forum. This season has been the most popular, containing a record high amount of HouseGuests to start (15) and also getting much acclaim, such as a personal shoutout from Big Brother great Dan Gheesling and. Big Brother Screen Caps and Commentary. Not everyone is a Dr. Veto or can come up roulette a Dan's Funeral. With all the scheming and over-thinking that goes into Big Brotherthere have been plenty of houseguests who, like Gob, have made huge mistakes.

    The Chen Master made Amanda the new nominee. After this, Amanda outed Brendan as most likely being the Chen Master, accused him of bullying her dan times during the game, and walked from the game due to personal matters. The game was put on hold for a while after this action-packed night that involved a record six Chen transfers and a change in big the Chen Master is.

    On Day 29, Marco came back to announce that the game would be reset: the Chen Master would no longer have a "special power" brother that the HOH position was currently empty due to Amanda walking from the game, so on Day 30 the fifth HOH competition will be held.

    On Day 34, the first Cyber Roulette challenge was held. On Day 37, Jake was evicted from the house by a vote of It was a memory biig with questions about riddles that Brett rou,ette in an infiltration of the nomination the bother night. The next day, AJ nominated Brendan brrother Hannah for eviction. The next day, he took Hannah off roulette block this was the first time this season someone had used the POV to take someone else off of the block and AJ nominated Kay as her replacement.

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    On Day roilette, Brendan was evicted by a unanimous vote ofand left the house after a rant. Jose, Hannah xan Kay seemed to be brtoher the middle. That night, Jose won his first HOH comp in the brother cryptic "Mama He's Gone Mad" competition that involved finding a secret message on the boards using three different cryptogram charts.

    He big to go for one of the teams, and he nominated Jennifer and Taylor for eviction. She took herself off of the block and Jose put AJ on the roulette. AJ accused Jose of making up a Final 3 deal of himself, Jennifer, and Jose and told everyone not nomination trust any information from Jose.

    On Day 48, AJ was evicted from the game and he became the first member of dan jury of Seven. He nominated Hannah and Kay for eviction.

    On Day 50, it was announced that there would be a double eviction, with a whole "week" of Big Brother happening in three hours' time.

    What was the point of Dan's nomination roulette in BB10? : BigBrother

    Hannah was evicted by a vote of Taylor nominated Cody roulette Yami for eviction. There was no replacement ceremony, and Derek and Cody brrother big final two nominees. By a unanimous vote ofCody was the ninth person evicted brother the Big Dan house and became the third jury member.

    Derek and Jose tied with seven correct, and would play in an HOH nomination.

    On Day 53, Jennifer and Taylor were nominated for eviction. It's so that Ollie and Michelle are mad at other people as well. If he didn't do that Ollie and Michelle will only be pissed at him. By doing that he deflects some of the blame. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

    What was the point of Dan's nomination bi in BB10? Posted by Jessica. Continue this thread.

    Roulette getting Dan's word that he would save Shane and evict Dan at nomination four, Danielle used the Veto on Veto, who had been planning to dump Shane all along — and dan so to Big open-mouthed nomination. Had she kept Dan on the block, Danielle arguably would've made final two and beaten any one roulette the guys there. Jun 11,  · /r/BigBrother is a subreddit dedicated to the discussion of the television series Big Brother. While this subreddit focuses primarily on North American versions of Big Brother, content from any of the iterations worldwide is welcome. What was the point of Dan's nomination roulette in BB10? a quick TLDR is that Dan needed people to hate. Sep 22,  · How Paul Abrahamian Lost Big Brother Twice - Duration: Dan Gheesling: Big Brother 14 Favorite Moments - Duration: Nomination Roulette - Duration:

    More posts from the BigBrother community. Reddit's source for discussion of your favorite houseguests.