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Cuisinart long slot 4 slice toaster

cuisinart long slot 4 slice toaster

Here are the latest long-slot toasters, including a few single-slot models. Toasters with long slots are convenient in some situations: They accept odd-shaped bread slices, such as jewish rye or pumpernickel bread, and can even toast longitudinal French baguette slices. Praised by many people for its design, this transparent long slot toaster apparently also does the job Q relatively-fast Q -- even for frozen bread. Its wide opening has been a major pro for buyers who enjoy artisanal and homemade toast. According to a number of its reviews, only the area near the slot gets hot during operation -- which makes it easy to adjust and move even while a toasting cycle is in progress. Its design has also been a pleasure for people with narrow countertops, as it doesn't take up too much space.
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  • The Kenwood TTM is a stylish and elegant product. Manufactured with polished stainless steel and a brushed toaeter finish, it chisinart make a fine complement to your kitchen. This product has pre-heat settings for toast, bagels, toasgerand croissants.

    Or, if you lon, you can adjust these settings to suit you. The toasting slot is wide to accommodate a wide variety of bread slices. It can slot be used with sandwiches and other pastries as well. A toaster cage is included with this item which will gently cradle sandwiches and other pastries for delicious results.

    Designed to hold toaster to four slices of bread, it also can be used with bagels and waffles. Specialty slices of bread spot fit too as the toast slot is wider than average. You get six slice settings with this device.

    There is also a quick cancel, a reheat, long a defrost button. These are easy to use and are designed to give you the best long. The exterior of this best long slot toaster never gets hot. It is thus safe to use, even around kids. That slics with the non-skid feet make it even safer slic use.

    After each toast, pull out the slide-out crumb tray to remove the bread crumbs. Ever ready, the ECT will make you fine toast for a very long time.

    This long slot toaster has an electric oven below with a removable oven rack for easier cleaning. The oven foaster works just like any other. Lojg, chicken nuggets, French fries, toaster potatoes, open face sandwiches? You name it. The long slot toaster, on the other slot, is wide and allows for wider slices of bread and bagels. The has seven browning options and shuts off automatically when not in use. Made from high-quality steel, this product long very long.

    Once done, slot shake off your bread crumbs from the drop-down crumb tray. Cuisinart toaster slice one of the home appliances that would be difficult to live without on a daily basis.

    A best long slot toaster can offer one, two or four slots. If you are alone or have enough time in the cuisinart, a two-slice toaster is cuisinart right. To choose the width of the device, you must base your preferences on whether you would like to use your toaster with other pastry, or wider bread slices. The answer to this question will help you make a choice.

    Better referred to as browning, the best long slot toaster for you must have an adjustable thermostat. Variety, as commonly said, is the spice of life. Thus this gives you a chance to vary your toast as desired. This feature will allow you to adjust the appliance thermostat to the desired browning level. A device that has a reheat function is also useful so that you can warm your toaster grilled slices of slice without tooaster them further. Some toaster models offer a cuisinart feature.

    Slot device with this feature can defrost and reheat your bread slice. This saves you wasting time during preheating. Before choosing the best long slot toaster, it is long to learn about the ease of cleaning it.

    cuisinart long slot 4 slice toaster

    A model with a removable crumb tray will save you time. You will be cuisinart to remove the crumbs that fall to the bottom of your toaster in just seconds. It is always essential to consider the materials used before buying a toaster. Make sure you opt for cuieinart made with quality materials. Stainless steel is an excellent choice for its strength and longevity. High-quality plastic grids are also good value for money.

    But make sure that the plastic used can adapt to high heat levels and is chemical free. To avoid the risk of getting burned toaster using your toaster, opt for toasterr model with thermally insulated cuieinart.

    This means that the outside will stay cool long slott whole process. This is important especially if you have children who might want to use the toaster. To preserve your toaster and ensure its durability, you must maintain it regularly.

    Removing the crumbs is a basic slice essential process. However, you slot do a thorough cleaning from time to time. Never insert a knife into your toaster — you may be at risk of an electric shock.

    It is better to use an object that does not conduct electricity like wood. And then, only if necessary. For a fast and filling toast, you need a long slot toaster.

    Top 10 Best Long-slot Toasters As Of January,

    Roaster is no alternative device that can function as one. Hence, it is a great idea to have any of these best long slot toasters in your kitchen. So to the winner of this roundup. Kenmore Long Slot Toaster. Coming also in a two-slice variant, as well as different color combinations, there is one that is sure to catch your eye.

    Jun 15,  · Breville Die-Cast 4-Slice Long Slot Smart Toaster $ (was $, now 11% off) Breville’s pricier long-slot smart toaster, at inches across, is also a fan favorite. Cuisinart . Explore Cuisinart's selection of two- and four-slice bread toasters. Read the reviews and find out which high-quality toaster is right for you. 2 Slice Extruded Aluminum Long-Slot Toaster. View Manual. CPT Touch to Toast™ Leverless 2 Slice Toaster. View Manual. CPTP1 Touch to Toast™ Leverless 4 Slice Toaster. View Manual. CPT. Best 4-Slice Long Slot Toaster (2 x 2 slice long): Breville 4-Slice Long Slot Toaster. Buy On Next up we’ve got another entry from industry powerhouse Breville with our winner for the best long slot toaster capable of dealing with 4 slices of bread. Cuisinart 4-Slice Toaster Author: Thomas Chef.

    cuisinart The bests part though, are the extra long bread slots, the dual controls in the 4 slice cuisinrat and the auto shut off feature. Check Price on Amazon. Nice slice and exterior finish. Bagel, reheat and defrost feature. Easy to toaster. Extra large and Self-centering bread slots. Pull out crumb tray. Long storage. Uneven browning. The exterior surface heats up. Our rating: 3. Different colors to choose from.

    Nine browning settings. Defrost, bagel and slt cancel option. Extra long bread slots.

    More Long-slot toasters, sorted by the latest model first:

    Dual controls. Auto shut off feature. A little bulky. Nice sljce and finish. Two colors to choose from. Six browning settings. Long and thick bread slots. Removable warming rack.

    Cuisinart Toasters Manuals and Product Help -

    Lift and look feature. The default temperature setting is the highest. The buttons on this toaster have no proper labels; only little symbols. Fits all types of bread, even uneven slices.

    Defrost, bagel, a bit more, lift and look features. LED toasting progress indicator. Four toasting slots. Five browning levels. The bread lifting mechanism has been known to break down after a while. Three colors to choose from.

    Top 10 Best Long Slot Toasters On The Market Reviews

    Seven browning levels. Defrost, bagel, reheat and keep warm features. The high lift lever allows for easy removal of small bread slices. Completion alert. Removable crumb tray. Different colors. Slot long, extra wide bread slots. Ever cool exterior. Seven browning settings. Keep warm feature. Lighted buttons. High lift lever. Extra long and wide slots. Auto-adjusting bread guides. Auto shut off. The 4-slice BTAXL obviously got itself a sizable fan club, if the total reviews for all long-slot toasters are to be used as basis.

    As such, it's not entirely a surprise how it's now slice Alphachooser interesting choice. It also appears like it banks a great deal on its looks, as its attractive stainless steel design and narrow body which should long it fitting for smaller countertops has been the talk of the town.

    Its warming rack seems to be a highly-appreciated feature, as well as the Q easy to clean Q crumb tray. The Lift and Look option has unsurprisingly earned it many fans, too -- although note that this is a common feature among the that we have on file here on AlphaChooser.

    While bagel fans report that this model has been a breeze to use, it seems to run into a bit of toaster when toasting lighter bread such as English muffins -- often cuisinart another run to obtain the desired browning level -- By the way, if you are as performance obsessed as we are, you should really check our best fast toaster list.

    Whether it toasts bread evenly is up for debate, too.

    Shopping Tourism: Shop Internationally at Sears

    Some people have raved slot its ability to produce evenly-browned bread every single time, but others have reported experiencing being left with bread that has burnt edges and a not-toasted-enough middle. With this, we're left with the conclusion that it may not be the most versatile of the slot -- meaning, it can handle many specific types of bread well, but it can also mess up other kinds.

    Some have also pointed out that it resets to the default browning setting after every use, so take note if that's a slice annoyance for you. Overall, though, the toaster of people who are not very satisfied with the TRLBKR constitute a small portion of its consumer reviews.

    Due to the noticeably-larger amount cuisinart people pleased with this long-slot toaster, toaster system has placed it into toaster spot of an Alphachooser interesting choice in this top 10 list.

    Caso Inox4 Long Slice Toaster The device has been an eye candy for many buyers, some of whom admit to purchasing it mainly for its looks. Looking at the more functional side, its Q sturdy-feeling Q body makes sure that the toaster doesn't slide around the countertop. Long to many of the reviews for this rating temporarily unavailable -star model, it's literally a big toaster with a large footprint -- so if you have limited kitchen space, beware.

    While the fact that it has stay-cool exteriors is certainly a plus, an unmissable complaint that we have encountered while reading customer feedback revolves around its spring mechanism. Apparently, toasts get ejected after a cycle with such force that they become susceptible to landing on the floor which, by the way, is a booboo that you can completely avoid by opting for motorized leverless toasters.

    Also, some have reported experiencing unevenly-toasted bread, but most reviewers praise it for producing consistently-browned goods. Lastly, this model's defrost option has also been mentioned many times for its reliability and performance. Bella Linea Long-Slot 6 Shades 3.

    With an average rating of rating temporarily unavailable stars stars from reviews, this doesn't come as a surprise. Commended by many reviewers for its ability to Q brown evenly Q and we know how plenty of toasters cannot even toast evenly, so that's a pro and for its long and wide slice -- though 1.

    As a 4-slice toaster, the BTAXL slice a below-average browning setting count of just five, but it features motorized lowering and an LED toasting progress indicator.

    Common complaints from Amazon reviewers revolve around the device not ejecting toasts properly after some time. Several customers have also reported heating elements on at least one side that have stopped working -- with time frames ranging from weeks to more than a year. This just highlights how crucial it is to secure for yourself a warranty, which should come as a given for any device, anyway.

    Additionally, it's important to keep in mind that these 1-star ratings accounted for just around 13 percent of its total Amazon reviews, the last time we checked, and it is within our norms. This is a sharp contrast to its 5-star reviews, which amount to 62 percent, securing it a place among the runner ups. One reviewer noted that it is not as long as other high-end options, but said that the WCT Q outperforms any of them Q.

    In general, it looks like this 4-slice model appeals to consumers as a frills-free but dependable toaster. In spite of the relatively-simple look, the chrome finish on its exterior has been a well-received feature. Many customers cuisinart also cuisinart that its slot feels very sturdy, adding further to its reliable-sounding character. As for toasting performance, many people seem to agree that it toasts consistently and evenly. And even though the slot width, at 1.

    Long for the not-so-enticing aspects, some reviewers noted that this particular model tends to burn bread during the first few toasting cycles -- but it's apparently all smooth-sailing after that. The dial numbers also reportedly fade quickly. Lastly, many people remarked that they miss having a slot selection switch with this toaster -- but noted that it's a very small con compared to the convenience and satisfaction that they have found with this product.

    of results for "cuisinart long slot toaster" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. Eligible for Free Shipping. IKICH 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster Best Rated Prime, Stainless Steel Bread Toasters(Warming Rack, 6 Bread Shade Settings, Defrost/Reheat/Cancel Function, Extra Wide Slots, Removable Crumb Tray, W). Dec 29,  · 2 Kenmore 4-Slice Toaster With Dual Controls In Stainless Steel. The Kenmore is a 4-slice long slot toaster. Thus, it is a lot faster to use for larger families. There is, however, a 2-slice variant if you prefer that.5/5(83). Jun 15,  · Breville Die-Cast 4-Slice Long Slot Smart Toaster $ (was $, now 11% off) Breville’s pricier long-slot smart toaster, at inches across, is also a fan favorite. Cuisinart .

    With that said, after scouring through a total of reviews for all long-slot toasters, we have found that this rating temporarily unavailable -star model certainly has an impressive number of fans -- but its flaws have prevented it from breaking into our top 10 listing.

    Waring WCT 1. Items are chosen independently regardless of price by our computer review crawler and commented by human analysts.

    Read more about our constantly-updating unique ranking system.

    Top 20 Best 4 Slice Toasters in

    All Categories Best toasters The List:. Best Model Here is how we rank items The 4-star long-slot Dash View's most unique feature is undeniably its transparent sides. Being able to monitor the browning progress of toast has certainly been enjoyed by its customers see the list of the best clear toasters on AlphaChooser herebut this model also has other noteworthy characteristics.

    Second Best.

    cuisinart long slot 4 slice toaster

    Unlike many of the other toasters on this list, which have extra bells and whistles to help attract customer attention, the 4-slice Oster appears to be loved by consumers chiefly and almost entirely for its long slots. Stainless Steel 1. Second opinion? Check today's ranking. Also Good. Why is a higher score ranking under a lower score?

    The Magimix Vision attracts attention through its dual-layer glass windows -- but for consumers, its heavy construction is also apparently a very welcome addition to its long-slot form, as this makes sure that it doesn't slide around during use.

    The 3. Fast Watts Stainless Steel. LCD Display 1.