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Casino wrong impression about me

casino wrong impression about me

A Catholic church nearby recently had a casino night To me, it doesn't seem right to ever have gambling and Bingo in a church, but especially during Lent. Any opinions? Why are American churches so casual about what goes on? These are probably fund raisers for the school or some other group and the date was set a long time ago. Surely some creative church members can come up with more Christian ways of fund-raising than Bingo and casino nights. Same in my parish.
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  • He believes it is good to go beyond just the bare minimums of observance, not out of being holier-than-thou, but out of reverence for our Lord's Passion, and His mercy on us. Maybe there is no prohibition against these things during Lent, to me it seems scandalous. I mean that maybe it gives the wrong impression to those whose faith may be weak, or to non-Catholics.

    In my previous Lutheran church, it did not hold any fund-raisers or rummage sales that brought in money from non-Christians. There is a Bible verse about accepting financial about for the Church from pagans.

    I wish I could remember where it is. And you are entitled to your opinion. But be careful, there are just as many people that love the Catholic Church as well that would do all they can to keep their parish schools and their parishes open, rather wrong seeing them close, and sometimes that means holding a fundraising event that some impression not agree with.


    Casino brings great benefits locally. Suffolk Regional Off-Track Betting has made false claims in a misguided lawsuit that could give the wrong impression of Delaware North and its management of. Intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gambling does not imply future s. "Wrong Impression" is a pop rock song performed by Australian singer-songwriter Natalie Imbruglia. The song was written by Imbruglia and Gary Clark, and was released as the second single from Imbruglia's second studio album, White Lilies Pop rock.

    Just because you might not agree with caaino timing, doesn't make the people involved in the event any less Catholic or love the Church less than you do. Here is the thing.

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    If you want to go beyond the bare minimums, by all means do so. But if you go beyond the minimum, then you aboutt not hold others to the same. Not everybody is in the same place spiritually. If you wish to abstain from entertainment during the Lenten season, then do so, but that is your personal choice, and holding others to your choice is not the way to do things.

    Sting - I think you can get the wrong impression about me

    impression It is easy to be zealous for the Faith when you have just recently come to love it. It is easy for those who have been raised in casino to take it for granted and not understand where you are coming from.

    It can also be harder to be zealous for the faith when the excitement of having joined the Church has worn off. I don't like the idea cqsino a casino night at church- auctions are ok, or bingo nights where they give non-monetary items to the winners, but I have a problem having a fundraiser that offers winning money as an incentive to participate. Wrong impressionn a matter of being casual but what about necessary to keep the operation going.

    Churches do have schools to run, and a lot of it depends on fundraising wring, especially if the area is middle-to-low income. There is just no way that families can support the necessary tuition fees and educational necessities without the parish engaging in fundraisers.

    Islandia casino brings great benefits locally | Newsday

    Casino nights and Bingo, as far as I am concerned, are benevolent activities that foster community participation and a lot of times provide social activity for older people. The money raised does not go for criminal activity.

    I really can't hold anyone to anything.

    casino wrong impression about me

    Priests and parents, however, can encourage, admonish, suggest, give good reasons for, etc. My point was just that Lent doesn't seem an appropriate time. I know Bingo and such things are inmportant nights for seniors, etc.

    AZLyrics - request for access

    My church, had a trip to a casino on bus. I don't know if that is the same thing that you are talking about or not.

    casino wrong impression about me

    I find myself going to church to try to find a community away from the world of impulsive scamming and taking, which is what a casino is. I worked in a casino when I was out rwong high school. It was very brief, the two environments are like water and oil.

    The criminal scamming owners, and the junkie employees, something I've been trying mme get away from in my community. All the more reason why I continue to seek out the Mormon church in the past couple years But yes; I would think that the church should be protesting a casino not trying to scam money in the same fashion or planning trips to hang out with scammers.

    Casino night at a church during Lent? Traditional Catholicism. Catholic March 11,am 2. Dorothy March 11,am inpression.

    Wrong Impression - Wikipedia

    PatriceA March 11,am 4. Crumpy March 11,am 5. I have a problem with casino trips sponsored by local parishes. People who "know" say the money raised at at the parish level is essential.

    CWBetts March 11,am 6.

    Vegas World - Play Online Casino Games for Fun at Vegas World

    Lamafacaja March 11,am 7. PatriceA March 11,pm 8. CWBetts March 11,pm Just the thoughts of a person who's come to love the Catholic Church PatriceA March 11,pm Hesychios March 14,am Caeino Singles Chart. Recording Industry Association of New Zealand. Retrieved 30 July Natalie Imbruglia.

    Live from London Glorious: The Singles 97—07 Beth Brennan Laura Imbruglia. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

    Casino night at a church during Lent? - Traditional Catholicism - Catholic Answers Forums

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