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Lil b clams casino songs

lil b clams casino songs

Everyday, thinkin' 'bout the money, thinkin' 'bout the business Driving in my foreign car, can I get a fuckin' witness? Every cclams, feeling like the man, feeling like I'm Diddy Riding through the forest, then I ride through the city Getting paid, everyday sw-swag, swag Can I get a fuckin' witness? Every day Mardi Gras, ask God, my fuckin' witness Riding on the Autobahnno I can't fuckin' stop Only day we stop turning up is when we fuckin' drop Drop, drop, drop. Can I get a witness? Based God Can I get a sohgs

The Quietus.

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Oct 21,  · Lil B - Februarys Confessions*VIDEO*ONE OF THE BEST SONGS AND REALIST - Duration: Clams Casino - Unchain Me instrumental (Lil B) - Duration: SpaceyNYC 65, views. He came in to the limelight with his productions for Lil B and Soulja Boy – followed by his incredible who Clams produced several tracks for and Popular Clams Casino songs. Oct 29,  · Clams Casino Songs. Profile News Songs Clams Casino Feat. Lil B. HOTTTTT. By Danny Schwartz Sep 9, Clams and Lil B promote their upcoming tour with a .

Village Voice. Archived from the casiino on Retrieved November 27, Archived from the original on October 31, Retrieved February 13, The Nutley High School grad first began to tinker with beats as a teen, fooling around with basic keyboards and synthesizers, much simpler ones than the machines now scattered around his basement home studio.

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The flow he used was his attempt to capture the inflection of an '80s rapper instead of his usual whatever-he-pleases, the lyrics seemed pre-written and the sample choices came from similar source material. Yes, songs considerable portion of the music on Hoop Life is below par for a Lil B project, lil tries way too hard to stick to its gimmick and is nearly impossible sit through in a single sitting.

White Casino is Lil B at his clams self-assured doing and saying casinl the hell he pleases, and it is amazing to hear an artist that carefree.

lil b clams casino songs

Lil B - White Flame. Black Kenwhich many thought would never be released after being teased years before is the most ambitious Lil B project.

Instrumentals consists of Clams Casino's reconstructions of backing tracks he originally produced for rappers such as Lil B and Soulja Boy. An electronic mixtape, it features illbient, glitchbeat, and chillwave styles. Some of the mixtape explores a more traditional hip hop sound. Clams Casino hottest songs, singles and tracks, Clams Casino's Best songs. Clams and Lil B promote their upcoming tour with a new gratis release, "Live My Life.". Aug 24,  · On the heels of "Black Ken," here are Lil B's top 10 mixtapes from his expansive discography. I think about an imaginary Internet Rap Mount Rushmore more often than I should. Why? Because I enjoy.

Lil B sets the scene at the party effortlessly Nas level imagery, dare we say as you begin to cazino him showin g up at a House Party -esque function. The Basedprint 2 was one of the projects that got overshadowed, and unfairly so, because it is one of the most cohesive Lil B projects.

lil b clams casino songs

Lil B - The Basedprint 2. Evil Red Flame continues the Lil B tradition of the mixtape being completely unrelated to the title, as the project is not evil whatsoever.

Obama BasedGod is one of the most interesting Lil B mixtapes.